Event Horizon is the new EP of the avant-garde Band XCIII. It was composed, mixed and mastered by the band itself in November 2013 and April 2014, at the Forlorn Hope studios in Lyon, France. It's a transition EP. We wanted to experiment new sounds, new genres. The result is a complex psychedelic journey composed by traditional black metal music and more. Still melancholic, the music finds its inspiration in both the essence of life and catatonia. It is a mix between cold eerie sounds and warm encouraging rhythms. Lethe was first composed in 2007 and it appeared for the first time on our demo "Majestic Grief" in 2009. The lyrics are the same than back in the old days, but we recorded, mixed and mastered once again everything for this occasion. A lot of our fans asked us to do so. sound is now better, and we added new ideas to the original song. To have a more organic sound, the choirs at the end were all made with our voices at different pitches. Mathieu recorded 3 voices (bass/baritone/tenor) and Guillaume 3 voices too (baritone/tenor/falsetto).The overall result is a more orchestral tune, more subtle but also more genuine than the previous version. With The Trades, we drew further away from our metal roots, to explore orchestrations we may dig more in future works. The song is more instrumental but turns up as a dark/cold wave song that builds into a grimly finale. Mathieu sang on this one (and not Guillaume). Hush was the first song ever composed for XCIII, but it was never released yet. With time, it became a complex, psychedelic, dark tune switching between different influences like Porcupine Tree and head-on Black Metal. May is a song about rebirth. Perhaps the saddest song of the EP, the vocals were recorded in a 70s mood resulting in a strange mix between the 70s and nowadays metal music. The dark tribal ending stems from influences like Opeth. Rejoice. You can still buy our first album here: http://naturmacht.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=642

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